Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide my own lock?

Yes, we require you to place a lock on your unit at the time of sign up. If you do not have a lock or forget to bring one with you, one may be purchased at the I-15 Self Storage facility.

What steps do I need to take to rent a unit?

1) Determine the size of unit you need. The dimensions of moving trucks or vans that you will need for moving often correlate directly to the size of unit you will rent.
2) Verify the availability of units by calling us. Then make a reservation for a day that you can come fill out paperwork in the office during office hours.
3) Come into the office during office hours on the day that you have your unit reserved for. You will need to bring your first month’s rent, ten dollars for an administration fee, your driver’s license, and a lock. A lock is required at time of sign up to be able to rent a unit.

What are the security features of I-15 Self Storage?

1) Security gates control all points of entry and exit with set hours of operation and keypads that require tenant unique codes to gain entry and exit. All access is securely logged.
2) The on-site high definition security camera system that is equipped with motion detection recording, actively monitors the facility extensively. Live feed is displayed to vigilant employees in the office.
3) The facility manager lives on site, frequently patrolling the facility premises.
4) Tenants provide an appropriately sized lock of their choice for their unit. This gives a measure of individual comfort and control over the security of each tenant’s unit.

What are the access hours for my unit?

Tenants can access their units Monday – Sunday starting at 6:00 AM. The facility automatically locks down at precisely 10:00 PM for security purposes. Please allow yourself an appropriate amount of time to exit the facility before 10:00 PM

How is it recommended that tenants store their belongings?

When storing in a storage unit you should take precautions to protect your belongings should unforeseen circumstances arise. We recommend that you keep your belongings up off the ground with pallets or stored in plastic bins with lids. Everything should be covered in plastic.

Is insurance required? Does I-15 Self Storage provide insurance?

We do not provide insurance, nor do we require you to have it. However, we can connect you to a provider. It is important to note that we do not assume any liability for your belongings. It is recommended that you contact your home owner’s or renter’s insurance provider for information on insuring your belongings.

What happens if I eventually need more space?

Tenants can rent additional storage units, or they can transfer to a larger unit. To do so, tenants should come into the office during office hours to fill out paperwork. In the case of transfers, any remaining funds on the account will be put toward the new unit. Any difference in cost will need to be paid at the time of transfer. (We offer 72 hours to complete your transfer.)

What are my payment options?

1) In the office through cash, card, check, or money order.
2) Over the phone with a card.
3) Online with a card.
4) In the drop box outside of the office with cash or check in a sealed envelope with your name and unit number written on the outside of the envelope.
5) Automatic Payment from an authorized debit or credit card.

What are interior units?

Interior units are located inside of buildings that are better protected against dust with large spacious doors and hallways with bright L.E.D. lights illuminating the hallways. Carts are available to borrow to move items from your vehicle to your interior unit. The temperatures within the interior units seem to stay relatively stable.

How long of a lease am I required to sign for and is my move in prorated?

Our rental agreements are month to month agreements with the billing date set to the same day of the month that you fill out your rental agreement in the office. For example: If you sign a rental agreement with us on November 22nd. Your rent will be due on the 22nd of every month. There is no need for a prorated move in as your billing date is set to your signup date.

Is my move out prorated?

We do not offer a prorated move out if you move out part way into your billing period. We recommend that you plan accordingly and to use your rent optimally as we do not offer proration or refunds.

Does I-15 Self Storage use pest control?

Yes, we have our facility regularly treated by a premium service with experienced pest control technicians who have been in the business for many years.

Where can I get moving supplies?

We sell moving supplies at the I-15 Self Storage facility. We have a great selection of moving supplies to help your belongings stay organized and protected during the time that they are stored.

Can I bring my dog with me to my storage unit?

We ask that tenants do not bring their pets onto our facility grounds as courtesy to other tenants and for the safety of your animal. The only exception is if you use an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant service animal that is properly leashed. Emotional support animals, comfort animals, and therapy dogs are not service animals under Title II and Title III of the ADA. Please do not bring them into the facility.

How do I end my lease?

We ask that tenants notify us at least 10 days before moving out of their unit. Once the tenant is moved out they must take their lock with them, leave nothing behind, and broom sweep their unit. Once those steps are completed tenants can come into to office, call us, or leave a message so that we can send an employee out to verify the unit and complete the move out within our computer system.

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